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Kick back and relax at a thermal spa inspired by nature and culture and enjoy breathtaking views of the North Atlantic Ocean from the infinity pool.

Price from 9,990 ISK
Price from 71 EUR
 What to bring

What to bring




Soak and relax in geothermal waters
Rejuvenate your body and mind with the in-house 7-step ritual
Enjoy the view from the infinity pool
Connect with Icelandic traditions
Relax your mind, body and soul



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Tour Description

Sky Lagoon, an immersive swim and thermal spa experience nestled in a cliff just 15 minutes from the Reykjavik city center, and an impressive ode to old Norse bathing culture fused with modern Nordic design.

Ancient methods and sustainable modern solutions were braided into the design and building of Sky Lagoon. Sky lagoon uses geothermal energy as a primary energy source to keep the lagoon hot, Fresh hot water is constantly entering the lagoon and warm water flows out. The warm water is captured exiting the lagoon to heat spring water for the showers, the building via an in-floor system, and the pavement around the buildings to keep the areas free of snow and ice in the winter.

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