Norway Cruise Line Deep 8-Day 7-Night Sea Vacation Tour

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The classic southbound voyage starts from Hilcornes to Bergen, covering a total of 6 days. Some ports that arrive and depart at night during the northern voyage will pass during the daytime on the way south. The southbound voyage has some unique experiences: the beautiful Westeros and Rocktown Islands, the Seven Sisters Mountain, and the fairy tale island of Torghatten.

Tour Highlights

  • North Cape - Breakfast at the top of the world
  • Tromso - Midnight Sun Concert, Dream Experience in Arctic Cathedral
  • Vesteralen(全年)- Landing to visit this wonderful archipelago
  • Svolvaer Sea Eagles (Summer) - Watch these spectacular flocks of birds
  • kristiansson (Summer) - The Atlantic Road, one of Norway's most scenic routes
  • Bergen (all year round) - Enjoy a sightseeing tour of the fjord city, showcasing this picturesque port town
  • Visit the Old Capital of Norway(Tromso)
  • Take a photo in the northernmost corner of Europe (North Cape)
  • Driving through the shocking (Lofoten) and (Vesteralen)
  • Buy souvenirs in the port city of Bergen
  • Norway in a Nutshell


Norway Cruise Line Deep 8-Day 7-Night Sea Vacation Tour

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1 - KIRKENES

    Hilkones is a major city in the Barents Fort region and a gateway to the east. After the cruise ship returns, the ports that pass through during the night on the way north will stop during the day.

    Ports of call at Hilkones today: Hilkones, Ward, Borz Fjord, and Bellevue

  • Day 2 - Hammerfest and Tromso

    On the way to Hammerfest, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. Today’s cruise ship will also dock here at Tromso.

    Ports of call today: Port May, Scheler Fjord, Horningsworg, Hawoyusson, Hammerfest, Ox Fjord, Shevoy, and Tromso

  • Day 3 - Westron and Lovetown Islands


  • Day 4 - Arctic Circle, Seven Sisters Mountain

    Today is the last day for cruise ships to travel in the Arctic region. In summer, tourists can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vegas Islands, while using a cruise ship to stop at Saneshen.

    Ports of call today: Bode, Ernes, Nesna, Saneshern, Brenner Yusong, Lervik

  • Day 5 - Trondheim and Christian Song

    In the early morning, the cruise ship docked at Trondheim again. The local Nidaros Cathedral is the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and is well worth visiting. Christianson, a small town located along the Atlantic Highway, is also known as Norway’s “cod capital”, relying on rich natural resources to become an important export town. Ports of call today: Trondheim, Christiansson, Molde, Olesson

  • Day 6 - Bergen

    Before arriving in Bergen, you still have a few miles of flight to enjoy the pleasant scenery around you, such as the picturesque Bergen Islands, which has been a destination for tourists for 900 years. Ports of call today: Olsson, Travik, Molu, Frule, Bergen

  • Day 7 - Norway Miniature One Day Tour

    It means covering as many vehicles and landforms as possible in a relatively short travel time. Across the east and west of Norway, from a valley just 2 meters above sea level to a snowy mountain 866 meters above sea level, take a train, car, and cruise in just one day to capture Norway’s magnificent natural scenery!

  • Day 8 - Send machine

    Leave, the trip is over


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Norway in a Nutshell

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