About Iceland

Where is Iceland? How do I get to Iceland?

celand is a North Atlantic island and a part of Europe. It lies about 800 km Northwest of Scotland and 970 km west of Norway, and it’s northern coast is just below the Arctic Circle. We don’t recomend rowing solo accross the Atlantic, but that is one way to get here!

How cold is it?

Summer temperatures are around 15°C with the north and east often being the warmest parts in the summer but coldest in winter. Average January temperatures in Reykjavík, at around zero, are actually higher than those in New York.

Glacier and Ice caving

What should I wear on the tours?

Weather in Iceland is very unpredictable. For tours during winter: warm clothing as the first layer, waterproof jacket with a hoodie, hiking boots with ankle protection and hard sole, a hat and gloves are ideal

Do I need hiking boots?

We encourage bringing hiking boots for glacier tours. They have to hard on the sole and tight around the ankle. If you don’t have them, we have them for rent in all sizes in Skaftafell or Sólheimajökull