Basque Country, Rioja, the Pyrenees & Northern Spain 6 day tour

Max 16 Passengers


On this tour, you experience the mountainous heights, historical sights, and tasty delights of Northern Spain. In the hills of the Pyrenees, you discover the ancient Roman defences of Jaca and the restorative natural spectacles in the Monte Perdido National Park. Throughout the rolling landscapes of La Rioja and the Basque country, you sample the traditional wines and dishes that have earned the two regions dozens of foodie awards. And in the cities and towns of these regions, you marvel at Mudéjar style buildings, grand cathedrals, and even discover Spain’s ‘mini-Versailles’. Join this trip, enjoy the tales from your guide, and discover the everlasting beauty of Northern Spain.

Tour Highlights

  • Montserrat Monastery - Feel the serenity of the old Benedictine priory perched on the slope of a magnificent mountain
  • La Rioja – The famously delicious wines here perfectly compliment the views of the Cantabrian Mountains
  • Monte Perdido National Park - Soaring peaks, glacial lakes, and cascading waterfalls adorn this biosphere reserve in the Pyrenees
  • Aljafería Palace - The roofs, coffered ceilings and ornate patterns of this 11th-century palace are as beguiling as they are beautiful
  • Burgos - Walk in the shadow of the soaring Gothic cathedral and admire this majestic city, once the capital of the old kingdom of Castille
  • San Sebastián – The top beach town in the Basque region is known as both a surfer's paradise and a foodie heaven


Basque Country, Rioja, the Pyrenees & Northern Spain 6 day tour

Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Barcelona- Montserrat- Monastery -Leirida -Vesca

    • Marvel at sculptures and mountainous scenery at the monastery of Montserrat
    • Delve into Lleida, one of the most ancient towns in Catalonia

    It’s time to contrast the bravado of Barcelona with the serrated peaks of Montserrat. This majestic mountain with strangely shaped crags is home to a Benedictine Monastery and one of Spain’s most venerated statues of the Madonna and Child. At your stop here, you can enjoy lunch, contemplate the life of monks and hermits, and explore the magnificent basilica.

    You continue deep into the mountains of Catalonia and visit Lleida. This is one of the oldest towns in the region and is steeped in Roman history. It’s a little off the beaten track and you have time to discover its castle and cathedral.

    As the evening settles in, you arrive in Huesca. You overnight here for two evenings and have plenty of time to amble around the medieval streets discovering the many churches and façades of this hilly town.

    Optional Activities

    • Entrance to Montserrat Monastery
    • A choice of activities at Montserrat including cable car to the top of Montserrat and opportunity to watch the performance of the Montserrat Boys Choir


    Hotel Pedro I de Aragón or similar, Huesca

  • Day 2 - Torra -Despenapperos National Park- Haca -Vesca

    • Let the perfect panoramas of the Pyrenees take your breath away
    • Step back in time and discover the ancient walls of Jaca

    Put on your adventure hats and get ready for nature. This morning, you travel to Torla-Ordesa, the gateway to the Monte Perdido National Park.

    From here, you explore crumbling cliffs, forests of oaks and pines, and vertical views up to 1,700 metres tall. There may be a little walking involved, so make sure you’re wearing good footwear. It’s worth it to see a few of the most scenic views in all the Pyrenees.

    You leave Torla behind and head through the mountains to Jaca. Here, you can explore the perfectly preserved ‘star-shaped’ fortress, find out about the regional cuisine of Aragón, and tick off more quintessential Spanish cathedrals.

    You travel back to Huesca and arrive in the early evening.


    Hotel Pedro I de Aragón or similar, Huesca

  • Day 3 - Zaragoza - Alhafriya Palace - Tarasona Harrow

    • Survey a fusion of Islamic and Gothic style architecture at the Aljafería Palace
    • Gaze at gorgeous Goya paintings in Zaragoza

    Zaragoza in Aragón looks as enchanting as it sounds. You travel here in the morning and have tickets to the 11th-century Aljafería Palace included in your tour.

    After you’ve admired the patterned porticos of the beautiful palace, you have free time to explore the city. Art lovers can search for Goya paintings; history geeks can seek out Roman remains; and foodies can sample chireta, a local and delicious haggis type dish.

    You then travel to Tarazona. This town boasts medieval Mudéjar style architecture: a glorious fusion of the ancient Muslim and Christian aesthetic ideals. Your neck will ache from all the staring up in wonder.

    You arrive in Haro in time for your first glass of local La Rioja red wine. This wine-soaked village is your overnight location for three evenings.

    Included Activities

    • Entrance to Aljafería Palace


    Hotel Eurostars Los Agustinos or similar, Haro

  • Day 4 - San Sebastian-Pamplona-Haro

    • Tantalise your tastebuds with the regional flavours of the Basque Country

    Today, you explore the Basque country, a land of curious customs, incredible coasts, and fabulous flavours.

    Your first stop is San Sebastián, a foodie heaven with the highest number of Michelin stars per capita. You have time here to grab lunch and check out the beautiful blonde beach.

    You travel back inland to Pamplona. This town is famous for San Fermin, ‘the Running of the Bulls’. Fortunately, you aren’t going to have to run anywhere, instead you can stroll around the town’s splendid fortress walls and relax.

    In the early evening, you travel back to Haro.


    Hotel Eurostars Los Agustinos or similar, Haro

  • Day 5 - la rioja-Santo Domingo-Drakarsada Cathedral-San Vicente de la Sonsierra-Haro

    • Take in the rustic villages and rolling green hills of La Rioja region
    • Sample famous La Rioja wine from the place it’s produced

    In the morning, you embark on a scenic ride amongst the gentle hills of La Rioja region to Santo Domingo de la Calzada, where you can wander the network of medieval streets or take the opportunity to visit the cathedral.

    A visit to the La Rioja region wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local produce and your next stop is a family run winery, for wine tasting and snacks.

    From here you continue to the village of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. Cross the medieval bridge over the Ebro river and take in the amazing views over the valley from the castle.

    In the afternoon, you arrive back in Haro with time to rest and do whatever you please.

    Included Activities

    • Visit and tasting at Bodegas Lecea, a Rioja winery

    Optional Activities

    • Entrance to Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada


    Hotel Eurostars Los Agustinos or similar, Haro

  • Day 6 - la rioja-Burgos-Saint Ilde Fengso Palace-Madrid

    • Cherish the stunning Cathedral of Burgos
    • Stroll the exquisite grounds of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

    You wave goodbye to La Rioja and travel to the region of Castile and León.

    The first stop is in Burgos, where you have a few hours to admire one of the most spectacular cathedrals in all of Spain and check if the local flavours can compete with your favourite dishes from La Rioja and the Basque regions.

    You’ll have free time for lunch in Aranda de Duero, a paradise for lovers of fine wine and food.

    Next, you head further south to the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. Your included ticket to this stunning structure lets you wander through the rooms of Spain’s ‘mini-Versailles’ and wonder how much the gardening bill must be for its gorgeous grounds.

    As the sun sets, you arrive in the country’s capital, Madrid.

    Included Activities

    • Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso


Transport in a luxury mini-coach with a local driver

Air conditioning as standard

The stories and services of an English-speaking guide

5 nights in a 3-4 star hotels with continental breakfast

Entrance to Aljafería Palace

Visit and tasting at a Rioja winery

Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso


Meals, unless listed above

Attractions, unless specified above

General Information


Monday, May 15th to October 15th


6 day


Check-in closes at 08:45 (tour departs at 09:00) - Barcelona Pick Up Point, Hotel Evenia Rocafort, Barcelona,

Finishes (approx.)

18:15 - Madrid Drop Off, Hotel Porcel Ganivet, Madrid,


You’re restricted to 20kg (44lbs) of luggage per person. This may consist of a small bag for onboard personal items and a larger suitcase or rucksack.




Hotel Pedro I de Aragón or similar, Huesca

Hotel Pedro I de Aragón or similar, Huesca

Eurostars Los Agustinos

Eurostars Los Agustinos